Weather setup - step by step

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: J5005/8GB/256SSD
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: unknown
    • openHAB version: 2.2.0
  • Issue of the topic:

I have started to configure Weather Binding 1.11 (installed via Bindings and PaperUI). I went through the tutorial but run into some issues, here is what i did:

  1. after configuring Open Weather Map i started to get errors about invalid api keys. After litlle research i found out that version i use does not form correct api calls so changed the provider to World Weather Online.
  2. I edited weather.cfg and also weather.items according to the tutorial and noticed no errrors in the logs (provider and location config seems to be right)
  3. Can see items among the items but cannot see the weather thing among things and so do not see any weather info.

Can anyone guide me into right direction where to go from here?

Few observation I made during my time with weather setup

  1. even though there is a tutorial, sorry to say, but it has a lot of gaps especially for beginners like myself - there is nothing mentioned that name of the wheather.cfg must correspond to name of the items i.e. wheather.items. Some of the information is already outdated like unknown provide apiXU (tried this one as well).
  2. i cannot understand why there are two config files of weather in openhab, one located in
    \conf called weather.cfg and another one in \userdata called weather.config. Noticed that after editing the first one the second one still contains old/already changed data which is confusing.

Thanks for any possible help.

Weather Binding 1.11 does not interact with Things or channels in any way. It’s an old openHAB version 1 binding.
In OH1, all its settings (along with other bindings) went into a file openhab.cfg
Using weather.cfg instead is a bit of sticking plaster to enable use with OH2, so documentation can be confusing depending what version of OH it refers to.

The existence of xxx.config as well as xxx.cfg is part of that sticking plaster solution. xxx.config is a kind of cache; you can delete it and let OH recreate it at next boot. That’s very often a good way to get rid of lingering problems after changing settings.

Thanks. Do you know any other Weather add-on that actually works with OH2?

I have been wrestling with this for weeks.

  • Weather Underground binding seemed to work but the widget for HABPanel wouldn’t.
  • Switched to OpenWeatherMap and the binding setup fine. The widget displays the data but the formatting is wrong. I have hopes for this one.
  • Tried to use the Current Weather widget since it resizes easily but it won’t display any weather info. I started writing correction and clarification notes on the thread but since I haven’t gotten it working yet, they’re on hold.

Seems like this should be pretty straight forward but egad.