Weather Underground widget with forecast

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(Harm Jan Smit) #104

Hi @bastiaan_van_h

Many thanks to make this great feature and widget. With my fresh new 2.3.0 install i have problems with making the widget visible. I think I’m missing something in my configuration. Weather Underground ‘thing’ is configured and online.

Can you help what goes wrong?

EDIT 1: In the last chapter on you wrote “Add and configure these items:”
What and where is that config file located?

(Michael DN) #105

I’m having the exact same “issue”…don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

(Bastiaan van Haastrecht) #106

They are ‘Items’, please read this and this.

(Dom Giles) #107

So… I’ve looked through the forum and am so close to getting this working. However rendering up the icons is proofing a little beyond me. I’ve got the widget and binding installed and working… And the static images too. However the icons don’t render.

The ironic thing is they do render in the paper UI

And looking at the source code for the page appears to indicate that it appears to be encoded but just not displayed

I feel I’m so close. Just need a little help. I’ve tried this on Chrome and Safari with the same results…



(Dom Giles) #108

And to show what I mean by the paper UI…

(Tony Masopust) #109

I’m pretty sure I downloaded and installed the latest build version but my iconKey channel is not available. Everything else is working fine. Do I need to revert back to #1212? Shouldn’t any of the newer builds work?

To be more specific, I downloaded #1226 (March14, 2018).

(Tony Masopust) #110

I’m having the same issue as you. The “Weather Icon” channel is present but not the “Weather IconKey”. The IconKey is used to pull the nicer images from the local server whereas the Weather Icon is a Base65 encoded image coming from WeatherUndergroud.

(The Squid) #111

Are you sure that the build of the Weather Underground binding is past 1212, not just OpenHab?

(Tony Masopust) #112

Yes, I downloaded the 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT addons, uninstalled the old binding, rebooted, and installed the new binding. The binding is listed as the 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT in PaperUI so I’m pretty sure I have the correct version.

I’ve since installed OpenHab 2.3.0-1 and still do not get an IconKey channel.

(The Squid) #113

Have you doubled checked the path for the downloaded icons and make sure they are located where specified in code?

(Tony Masopust) #114

Yes, I validated that the icons are there. I think the issue is with the lack of a channel for the IconKey. There is no item to create that the Angular client code binds to. When I look at the rendered HTML the binding is giving a null value.

(The Squid) #115

Just to make sure…if you place a url with your ip address and the file path below…do you see an image?


(Tony Masopust) #116

Yes, my image resolve and are located directly. Can you show me the channel binding where you link up IconKey?

(The Squid) #117

So here is my icon key channel

Make sure you click the SHOW MORE button at the top to make it visible

(Tony Masopust) #118

Well, therein lies my issue. I have the Weather icon option but no Weather icon key. Yes, I’ve clicked on the Show More. The Weather Icon isn’t available until you choose Show More. I don’t believe the Weather Icon was even available in the 2.2 binding.

(Tony Masopust) #119

Not sure how to tell what build version I have. I followed the directions about downloading the KAR and unzipping to the addons folder.

(The Squid) #120

I think you may have two versions of the binding installed.

If memory serves, bindings in the ADDON folder do not show up in PaperUI as installed.

Try removing the binding in PaperUI and just leave the downloaded binding in the ADDON folder. You should be able to check if it’s installed through the KARAF console.

(Tony Masopust) #121

After removing the existing weather underground things, uninstalling the binding, removing the JAR from my addons directory, and rebooting, I think the issue is fixed. After reinstalling the binding from what I assume was the 2.3.0-1 SNAPHOT, i now have an Icon Key channel.

Thanks for your help!!!

(Harm Jan Smit) #122

Thanks! It works…
How often the widget will update?

(Crispin) #123

Thank you! Solved for me too.