Weather Widget


i would like to have a weather widget in Openhab.
Unfortunately Weather Underground Api doesn’t work anymore.

Does anyone have an alternative that is not so difficult to implement?
I would like to have the current weather + 2-3 days preview.

I have added a current screenshot . The weather is a direct one of Meteoblue however I don’t like this one.

This all seems so big because it’s for a 7 inch tablet and I get the screenshot

from the computer.

Really, why?

You can read it here

Seriously I have only just got a api key and got the weather underground binding working and now it’s going too stop working will we still be able too use our existing api keys are they just stopping new keys?

Sorry not technically on topic, But Dark Sky I have just found, which has an interesting api and json formatted data .

Dark Sky is integrated in the weather binding
I have found if more accurate the WU anyway

thats what the weather binding uses ? You learn something every day, thanks

The weather binding can use a variety of data suppliers