Weatherbit type=precipitation, property=rain not working?

Hi there,

I recongnized that I never receive any value above 0 for the current rain amount using (all other value are receiving values as expected).

Item configuration is
Number WeatherRain “Rain [%.2f mm/h]” (gWeather) {weather=“locationId=home, type=precipitation, property=rain”}

I checked the API directly with the example below
{“data”:[{“rh”:80,“pod”:“d”,“lon”:8.53333,“pres”:979.43,“timezone”:“Europe/Berlin”,“ob_time”:“2020-06-05 16:16”,“country_code”:“DE”,“clouds”:100,“ts”:1591373775,“solar_rad”:78.2525,“state_code”:“07”,“city_name”:“Bielefeld”,“wind_spd”:6.29415,“last_ob_time”:“2020-06-05T15:47:00”,“wind_cdir_full”:“west-southwest”,“wind_cdir”:“WSW”,“slp”:991.855,“vis”:24.135,“h_angle”:56.3,“sunset”:“19:40”,“dni”:669.37,“dewpt”:8.2,“snow”:0,“uv”:0.776824,“precip”:3.63158,“wind_dir”:240,“sunrise”:“03:11”,“ghi”:313.01,“dhi”:77.24,“aqi”:49,“lat”:52.03333,“weather”:{“icon”:“r01d”,“code”:“500”,“description”:“Light rain”},“datetime”:“2020-06-05:16”,“temp”:11.4,“station”:“E6958”,“elev_angle”:30.39,“app_temp”:11.4}],“count”:1}

And as you can see there is no item called “rain” but only “precip” that seems to contain the “rain” value (see also documentation

My assumption is that the internal mapping of the item to the API-call does’t relect this. And there is no item property called “precip” (error is generated).

Anyone who could give an advice how to fix this issue?


Open an issue in GitHub, the binding developer will likely pick it up

Thanks, just created

I currently use a workaround with http binding and JSONPath transformation:

configuration of the first cache item


configuration of the second cache item


Number WeatherRain {http="<[weatherCurrent:120000:JSONPATH($.data[0].precip)]" }
Number WeatherFCRain {http="<[weatherForecast:120000:JSONPATH($.data[0].precip)]" }

Is there any way to progress this, it seems like a simple change, is there an easy way to modify the source in my own machine without going through all the setting up needed for developing a plugin?

I’ve updated the above issue with the problem (it’s a typo ‘percip’ instead of ‘precip’)