WeatherUnderground HTML layout?

Does any know or have an HTML for the WeatherUnderground binding to show 3, 5 day forecast similar to the older weather 1.1 binding?

Or if its possibly to adapt the existing weather 1.1 binding layout to use with the weatherunderground binding?

I’m pretty certain that the webview is only available in the Weather 1.x binding. None of the other weather bindings have that capability.

Yeah, I don’t know (understand) how the html in the layout gets its info from the weather binding.

But I did see that there is a way to show a forecast with HabPanel and the weatherunderground. But I don’t know if that approach can be used within PaperUI or a Sitemap.

PaperUI is an administration UI so there is no way to even customize how Items and Things look in it. There is no way I know of from a Sitemap to do it unless you can somehow get the HABPanel widget to work on its own as a static HTML page which you would put in the html folder with your configs.

Sorry, meant basicUI or classicUI, and not paperui. But it appears it may not be possible at this time.

Maybe its something that can be added to the binding in the future.

I wonder if the weather 2.0/yahoo weather binding can make an html layout.

I don’t think so. Maybe the Weather 2 binding, if there is one, might have one eventually.