WeatherUnderground Thing working, items/sitemap not

I have added the weather underground binding and put in my lat/long and my api key. I know the thing is working because I have 2 sitemaps on openhab2:

  • Home - default which shows all my “things” and I can click into the “Weather Information” thing and see all of the values are correctly populated for my area
  • My Home - my custom sitemap

In My Home I took a few entries verbatim from the item examples here:

Then in “My Home” sitemap I did:
Text item=Temperature
Text item=Conditions
Text item=FeelTemp

It doesn’t matter which weather item I add to the “items” file and what entry I then make to the sitemap file, the result is always the same - a string with an empty value (for example in temperate I get “Current Temperature - C”.

Yet when I go to the “Home” sitemap and click on the Weather “thing” all the values are populated with the right values for my area as I described above. I wish I knew where, if one exists, the file generating the “Home” sitemap is so I could just copy it.

Anyway, since the readme has no examples of sitemap entries I fear I might be doing something wrong there. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be going wrong here?

Also, does anyone know if the values for measurement can be changed in code as opposed to having to go through each channel of the weather underground thing and changing them through that GUI? very tedious…

You have to link every channel to an item, or use simple mode to automatically add and link an item per channel (of course then you have to use the items which are generated from openHAB with guid built names).

That was indeed the solution. Thank you for setting me straight on such a simple oversight on my part. I got the right values from the paperui