WeatherUnderground vs Weather Binding


currently there are two Bindings, that can retrieve Weather data from “Weather Underground”, the Weather Underground Binding and the Weather Binding, which I use for some time without problems with “Weather Underground” and “Open Weather Map”.

Would there be any advantages switching to the “Weather Underground” Binding for this provider, beside that this is a OH 2.x binding?

Thanks for your help!


Well, Wunderground just removed the ability to sign up for a free API key for new users and I don’t hold much hope they will continue to support us existing free users for long.

Thanks foe that information, somehow I missed this change.

I just had a short look at their website, but could not find any price information, seems as if we have to look for alternatives.

Currently I am using the data from three providers (Wunderground, OpenWeatherMap and a local one via web scraping). As none of them provides really accurate data I do a „2 out of 3“ evaluation, e.g. for controlling shadowing.