Web App Manifest (manifest.json) does not include sitemap parameter for Desktop Shortcut in Basic UI

I am trying to add a desktop shortcut to my screen in Chrome Android

I have a sitemap “main” accessed as:

When I go into Chrome and “Add to Home screen”, I do indeed see a link and the app runs in fullscreen mode without the title bar, however it is just http://openhaburl/basicui/app. The parameter to the sitemap is missing. As the app is running full screen, I can’t use the browser to get off the default page.

I believe this is because in the html for any sitemap we have:

<link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json">

and in that file,

"start_url": "app",

So no matter what sitemap I’m on, the desktop link will always get saved without ?sitemap=xxxxx, and I always get the default page.

Is there anyway to make openhab give the full start_url, or just not send that parameter. That way the desktop link will open up right to the site.

Thank you.

I worked around this problem by going to the PaperUI and under Configuration->Services->BasicUI->DefaultSiteMap I set the name of the sitemap that I wanted to use.

Still, if you leave it as the default, there will be no way to save a Homescreen shortcut (on android) and start up with the desired site.