Web based vscode rule editor possible?

I just found this project from Microsoft on GitHub and I’am curious if it would be possible to use that as a web based rule/item etc. editor for OpenHab.

On the GitHub page the question if extensions would work is anwered with “no”, but there is also a note that it might be possible:

Note: If the extension is fully based on the LSP and if the language server is authored in JavaScript, then it would be possible.

I don’t know exactly how the OpenHab vscode extension is built. Could this maybe work as a new UI in a future version of OpenHab to edit all files directly in the browser?

Honestly, I suspect the Next Gen-Rules Engine to mature to the point that it replaces the current Rules DSL before that would happen.

I don’t know how the current extension was built so I can’t say how feasible that would be with the current extension.

Not possible from what the github repo mentioned above tells us.

We use LSP, but that’s just a part of the extension and not everyrthing.
Also a huge amount is developed in typescipt.