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is there a way to set up an openhab GUI either in openhab itself ,tkinter or html/php in an understanding way?
changed from fhem cause of function lag (but good gui programming) ending up in openhab with gui programming lag but good functions.

We use HabPanel for presentation and control :slight_smile:

There are also other UIs, you’ll find a list in the documentation.

Sorry, I mean a real custom GUI not that generated stuff from openhab

openHAB has a documented REST interface with Server-Send-Events for real-time updates.
You can build your UI yourself of course.

Thanks David,
So the REST is the only way, which will work for me, but it is not very comfortable for a lot of people.
There should be found a better ways to create GUI’s

So what other way are you thinking of ?

a way like fhem floorplans, i don’t know if you know fhem in this terms it is much easier. the only problem there is bad integration of some function like colors in the floorplans.
But the floorplans are very easy to implement, as there is simple html language and css needed.
The big advantage is, to get all that inside fhem done, where with openhab you have to look around, how to get such things done.
There it would be nice to have to have something like theme templates and documentation, where people can start and go further - it should not be only accessible for people working long time with this stuff, which will work, if they use the given UI’s (which is nice). There should be a well documented Setup for GUI’s like changing Background Images, use3 SVG’s for buttons and so on.

I guess you are mixing things up a bit.
The floorplan builder is some kind of GUI part in FHEM.
If you have a closer look at habmin, one of our GUIs, there is an option for floorplans as well.
Or you could use the search function of the forum and you will find some examples how users implemented floorplans for example with habpanel.

Yeah but i t is always bind to cells, how i look so far.
it would be nice to position a button to a defined position with a fixed custom icon and position, and the best way responsive to screen sizes
Then other point on Habmin is, that is fixed to the explorer whereb it is set up and i didn’t see an option to save it global.
Perhaps it is possible, but there is no usefull documentation, or the documentation is not tagged usefull.

Please check this one for habpanel

thanks hmerk,
I will look into it. I didn’t found that with google searches.
All I want to say is, that I’m happy with all your work. My Goal is to take you all a few steps forward.
What i personally want to achive is a lcars theme to control openhab, as it is very nice for small screens control and we all love star trek.
there is already something done, and there will be a way to replicate it, but i think there should be an easier way to set up UI’s for people.
I know it is not that easy to implement, but you should think about it.
Everybody is getting more and more confrontated with smart things and the people want it.
There should be easy ways to implement own ideas, even if they have to pay for easy structures.
There are big steps to take, thats clear, but if i see people never touching things like that, there should be possibilities to get such things done.
there should be something like Like Lego bricks for them and a good deeped documentation

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did you use the forum search for lcars?
There was a start on this years ago…

No we don’t

New star trek designs are not using lcars anymore. And what it looks like right now, we as humanity will probably have star ships with Google material design interfaces :rofl: (except the iShips of course, they use Siri for flying).

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Siri, please land the ship.
Sorry, I don’t understand land the ship.

Don’t you mean;

Alexa, please land the ship.

(Sorry I don’t know how to do that, please check your Alexa app for more information)


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Did you mean this kind of thing?

On the Star Trek stuff … made me think of

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

15 minutes later, a garage door opens somewhere in Germany.