Web portal similar to my.openhab.org


Following scenario: I have one or multiple embedded devices which are accessible via a web interface. To access the device from outside the LAN it is possible to do port-forwarding, dynaminc dns. etc. Although it would be more comfortable to access the device via a web portal similar to my.openhab.org. Is there any framework where i can build up? Which components do i need for such a solution?


I’m not sure I completely understand your question. Some thoughts:

  • create a reverse proxy (e.g. ngnix) which converts URLs to the address of specific devices and then you only need to open the port for ngnix and have the opportunity to add in some additional security if desired
  • set up a VPN and access your devices through the VPN
  • set up Items in openHAB to send/receive commands from your devices through the HTTP binding and only expose your openHAB sitemap