Web UI - cannot access managent menu

I’ve upgraded from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0.M4 now I can see items from console but web ui management is missing, can see only overview and custom pages runtime.

openhab> users list
openhabian (administrator)

Anything I can do to restore the menus?

Did you log in?

Yes, I’ve access from both console and web.
But on web the menu are missing.

[ EDIT ]
I’v added another user admin, but this one can’t see objects:
openhab> users list
openhabian (administrator)
admin (admininistrator)

I’ve successfull login as openhabian user and can see everything.

Are there special permission that need to be added to new users?
Thanks, BR

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I discovered the same issue. At an early point, I quit the (web) setup wizard without installing a single binding, assuming I would install the binding using the services/addons.cfg file as I usually do.
However, that seems to be ignored whereas deliberate made references to non-existing bindings, i.e. xwave instead of zwave, were reported in the openhab.log.

My solution was to do a new installation, and install at least 1 binding. After that I got the management menu on the main Openhab web UI.

I’m pretty much convinced that it should be possible to get the management web menu by a certain command, but I could not find it.