Web UI in iOS app, how?

Hello, I am a long time user of another platform and a tinkerer, so not a complete newbie. I’ve recently fired up OpenHAB on a Pi I had knocking about in a draw.

I’ve got integrations done, things imported and rules created, and have created a page with a single switch but I cannot understand where I have gone wrong with the iOS app UI?

Via the web UI I see a lovely thing:

And pages added to side bar.

But via the app, it appears I need to use the Sitemap, which is limited to just the elements / things in a very bland basic form and has to basically be created again as a sitemap, doubling efforts and looking nowhere near as good:

How do I get the iOS app to display the lovely UI that I see via the browser?

Ps, sorry only one image is embedded nicely. As a new user I’m deemed potentially hazardous :radioactive:


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Thanks, exactly the answer I was after. :slight_smile:

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