WebOs binding issue since update

Hello, not sure where to go with this. Hopefully someone can assist me.

Although I’m a long time member, I haven’t been on much. Openhab has been working flawless for me for over a year. Well with spring break and everyone staying in I did a much needed update. But now I’m having issues with WebOS binding.

My setup: Pi 3, openhabian , LG Oled 2017 55"

My setup goes like this: Openhab WebOS binding monitors LG (front room) Tv volume (set on optical output), and a rule controls my denon receiver which is located on a rack in the basement and the rule memics the Tv’s volume. This has worked perfectly for over a year. Now however since latest update, webos binding does not watch for volume changes on anything other than “internal tv speaker” . It took me a good hour to figure this out, finally i turned on internal speakers so my wife can get by for when i go back to work tomorrow and thats when i noticed volume was changing on openhab. If I change it back to “LG Sound Sync”, then openhab disregards any volume changes.

Any help would be appreciated.

I believe my issue is due to this:


unfortunately won’t be able to debug as I don’t have access to my TV at the moment. Corona precautions…

The issue was that it is unclear what value to set the volume too when we get only delta updates.

how did you deal with this in your rule?

Attached are my rules, never had a issue and its been going well for 20 months or so. Kids use it, wife uses it. Tv is in the front room and Denon is on my rack in the basement with speaker wire fished throughout the house. Even though there is only a Delta update, openhab see’s an actual number.

Rules are as follows:

rule "Oled Volume"
    Item LG_TV0_Volume changed 
    val newState = triggeringItem.state.toString

    if(LG_TV0_Volume.state != newState)
    if(DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_Volume.state != newState) DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_Volume.sendCommand(newState)

rule "Oled Mute"
    Item LG_TV0_Mute changed or 
    Item DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_Mute changed
    val newState = triggeringItem.state.toString

    if(LG_TV0_Mute.state != newState) LG_TV0_Mute.sendCommand(newState)
    if(DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_Mute.state != newState) DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_Mute.sendCommand(newState)

rule "Oled Power"
    Item LG_TV0_Power changed or 
    Item DenonAVRS700W_General_Power changed
    val newState = LG_TV0_Power.state.toString

    if(LG_TV0_Power.state != newState) LG_TV0_Power.sendCommand(newState)
    if(DenonAVRS700W_General_Power.state != newState) DenonAVRS700W_General_Power.sendCommand(newState)
    if(DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_PowerZone.state != newState) DenonAVRS700W_MainZone_PowerZone.sendCommand(newState)

Sebastian, have you had any time to look at this? My family is getting antsy without surround sound. Even if i could be walked through on the file location I can make the change myself, i looked but wasn’t able to find the location. Thank You

hi you could enable trace logging and let me know what raw response you get from the tv. i may be able to add this if we get absolut values in your case.
how to set a log level for the binding is described on the binding documentation. but trace is required. not debug

due to corona i have no access to my tv and cannot test. won’t have access for next weeks.

This is with TV on LG Sound Sync (Optical)

2020-03-27 19:37:13.071 [TRACE] [bos.internal.handler.LGWebOSTVSocket] - Message [in]: {"type":"response","id":2420,"payload":{"changed":["volume"],"returnValue":true,"cause":"volumeDown","volumeMax":100,"scenario":"mastervolume_ext_speaker_lg_optical","muted":false,"volume":3,"action":"changed","active":false}}

2020-03-27 19:37:14.161 [TRACE] [bos.internal.handler.LGWebOSTVSocket] - Message [in]: {"type":"response","id":2420,"payload":{"changed":["volume"],"returnValue":true,"cause":"volumeDown","volumeMax":100,"scenario":"mastervolume_ext_speaker_lg_optical","muted":false,"volume":2,"action":"changed","active":false}}
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Please try this beta version;

I have the same problem with the volume. I wanna control the volume on my tv over HDMI ARC but it doesn’t work. The linked beta is in version 2.5.4 but I use already version 3.0.1. Is the bug still there?