Webradio Template (?)

i would like to build a webradio with my OH2.4 installation. I already have speakers directly connected for other scenarios and would love to reuse them to turn on / off …switch channel (3-4max)…and maybe change volume from Classic UI or even zwave remote control.

Does anyone have a similar setup and would be so kind to share items/rules/sitemap sections required to do so…

Many thanks in advance. Norbert

Your search criteria should be:

MPD (Music Player Daemon), Volumio. Plenty of hits.

hi, thanks for your reply. I know volumio but isn’t that a full blown project that covers much more than what i need. guess that would be overkill. I simply would love to have 3-4 radio stations, a button for ON and OFF + for luxury volume up and down. hope this can be covered based on few rules and sitemmap items + mp3 playsttream command.

Personally I am using Squeezebox, but you can make the same argument here that you made for volumio.
There is an experimental DLNA / UPNP binding in development but from glancing at the discussions there it does not appear to be ready for prime time and will need quite a bit of expertise and patience to deal with it.
So out of the box w/ Volumio or Squeezebox may be overkill but is likely easier…
I am sure if you have the skills you can also set up something with the http binding and your webradio of choice’s API. Last remark, the audio skills of a Raspberry are meager when yu connect with through the built-in headphone jack and you will likely not have a lot of joy (lots of popping and crackling sounds in my case) unless you start adding DACs and players (Squeezebox aka Logitechmedia server and Volumio are build on that principle). If you have already an internet radio your can also use the FS Internet Radio binding

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Hi, I use the UPNP binding for a small Internet Radio, but I use Wifi Speakers and it works fine.
In your case, if the speakers are directly connected it schold be enough to use it like this:
I cereated an Rule to select my online sources in a Sitemap and save them to a strings and then play them via playStream. Destination is my UPNP Adress, didnt tried it with local connected speakers yet. so I can select form my list of Radio Stations and play them easylie
greetings Andy

I did the same, but after update of the UPNP binding my radio stopped to work. The maintainer of the UPNP binding does further improvement so my Wifi Speaker can only be controlled by the cumbersome app which was delivered with the speaker.

I got the same during an update, if you like, I can offer you an old and (for me) running Version of the binding. I just placed the old one in the Setup Folder and it was working again. Only the esh-transport feature has to be installed manually.
Greetings Andy

Yes, I would be very happy. Thanks a lot!

here ist the Version which is running fine on my openhab

Greetings Andy

I use the upnp binding to play webradio via my raumfeld speakers. Works very good and even more stable than the Raumfeld app.

Number Radiosender “Sender”

Selection item=Radiosender mappings=[0=“NDR Info”, 1=“DLF”]

rule “Radio - Senderauswahl”
Item Radiosender received command
switch(receivedCommand) {
case 0 : playStream(“upnpcontrolpoint:upnprenderer:6fe06b2c-bb27-xxxxx”, “http://www.ndr.de/resources/metadaten/audio/m3u/ndrinfo.m3u”)
case 1 : playStream(“upnpcontrolpoint:upnprenderer:6fe06b2c-bb27-xxxxx”, “https://www.deutschlandradio.de/streaming/dlf.m3u”)

Sorry, I did not have time to download it. Now it is gone. Can you please reup it?

there you go


please let me know if it works otherwise i can have a look fo another Version