WebUI and Android Mobile App performance when using layout pages with 20+ labeld cells

My “OH3 home showroom” got bigger but also slower. When changing pages it’ll takes up to 6 seconds.
This is the overview page:

The label cell for the “Heizung” opens this page:

The change on the android mobile app is not responsive and also the web ui on PC browser is not fluent.

There are similar threads in the community forum:

The CPU load is low (top and docker stats are low <10%)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Quadcore i7
    • OS: debian 10, OH3 in docker environment
    • openHAB version: 3.1

Any hints on how to proceed here?


In the meanwhile I added similar configuration to a powerful i7 Labtop (also using the docker container).
Same issue: When switching to a new page on the mobile app it can take a couple of seconds until the new page shows up.

As I think hinted in the previous threads, the performance of your server has very little influence - it’s the device that you’re viewing the UI on which makes a difference. Viewing the UI on a browser from my powerful PC is better (faster) than viewing the UI on a browser on my underpowered phone. The MainUI requires your UI client to perform a lot of maths!

Thanks for the hint. It would be good to have a responsive UI on the Mobile App as I believe that is what many use for controlling their smarthome. This is basically the first user experience, a button is pressed and a couple of seconds later the page is opened.

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