Webview not working with iPhone App to view logfile

I’ve started using webview to display openhab.log which I’ve linked to on my pi’s apache2 server.
Unfortunately it doesn’t display at all in the iOS App, but it does on Safari on the iPhone, albeit way wider then the rest of the sitemap, and also in Chrome rendered correctly on my desktop. The ios App displays the rest of the page correctly, and the window containing the log has “Loading…” on the top line of where the log should be.
Switching into debug logging all I can find that might be relevant is

[DEBUG] [.r.i.resources.SitemapResource:146  ] - Received HTTP GET request at 'sitemaps/default/0103' for media type 'null'

The entry in my sitemap is

Webview url="http://mylocalipaddress/path/logtail.html" height=10

I’m using https://github.com/ukhas/js-logtail for displaying the file.

Is there a workaround for this or perhaps something extra I need to add to my sitemap to allow for the phones small screen?