Weemo - works randomly?

Openhab 2.5.11

Does the weemo binding work? Is it “complete”?
Reason i ask, i’ve never gotten this to work fully.

I can get my mini smart plugs to work, but then they “drop off” after a while and no longer respond to openhab; they still work from the weemo app; just not from openhab.

Is this just an unfinished binding?

Do you mean the Belkin Wemo binding? I’m not familiar with a double-e Weemo, but people have typed this more than once in the community so it might just be something I don’t know about.

If it’s the Belkin Wemo binding, then it works fine for me and has for a long time.

Without knowing more about your system, my guess is that your plugs are changing their IP addresses, and openHAB is losing track of them. I thought that had been fixed, but that conversation was a long time ago.

Try assigning them static IP addresses in your router, so that they’re always where OH expects to find them.

Yeah sorry typo. They are Belkin wemo units.
I already have them statically addressed.

No worries, I just didn’t want to assume anything.

Now that I think about it, I used to have issues with my Wemo Motion losing its connection to OH. However, the issue went away after I denied its Internet access. As in, it hasn’t happened even once since then. So, that would be my recommendation if you can live without the Wemo app.

I’ve come to despise Wemo products over the years (I was an early adopter), so I replaced almost all of them. The only things I kept are the Wemo Motion and the Wemo Maker. Since they’re happily connected to my WiFi and controlled by OH, I have no need for the app and they have no need for Internet access (particularly since Belkin stopped updating their firmware many years ago).

The Wemo binding is far from unfinished and I have many reports from satisfied users.
Issues occuring might be related to Belkins firmware updates pushing users to use their cloud.
But I can’t help you without seeing any logs. So please set your Wemo binding log level to TRACE and post the logs when the error shows up.
To explain a bit more:
Nearly two years ago, some users reported Wemo devices become unresponsive. We tracked this down to random port changes, which the devices did not announce as should have by UPnP specs.
Therfore I implemented a “port-scanner” into the binding, checking the complete known port range before sending a command to a Weme device.
I have just finished a PR to adopt this to all supported Wemo devices. Unfortunately, this will only be available in openHAB 3.x, as we cannot backport this to openHAB 2.x for some reasons.

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Thanks! I’ll get some logs when it happens again.

No 2.5.11? Well that’s gonna take me awhile before I adopt 3.x

2.x Version of the binding has been reported to work reliable.
Last significant code changes have been introduced before 2.5.11

Oh boy…then maybe it’s the firmware; is there any way to check the firmware on these things and compare them to “known working” firmware versions? If anyone has a list of known working firmware on the smart plugs I’m all ears(or eyes). lol

openHAB shows the frmware version of these devices in the thing properties.
Don’t know wich vesions work reliable, haven’t updated mine for ages, mosly because they are laying unused in a drawer…

The Wemo firmware is what drove me away. The devices were buggy when I bought them, which was somewhat understandable in 2013, but every subsequent firmware update seemed to introduce as many problems as it supposedly fixed. For many years they didn’t have a button in the app to manually check for firmware (despite users pleading for it in their support community), so you had to keep closing/opening the app and hoping that it would eventually grant you an update…which would then fail on some of your devices. After five years I gave up on them ever getting their act together.

It’s too bad that I bailed on them before getting into openHAB, though. I like the look and feel of the Wemo light switches better than my TP-Link Kasas, and I suspect that they would have worked a lot better once they were cut off from the Internet.

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