Weird 8CH Relay Module Sounds


This is the first time I post on this forum & I’m writing because I have an Issue that’s bugging me for some time.

My Hardware setup:

  • Raspberry PI 3
  • 5V 2.5Amp Original Power adapter
  • 8 Channel Module Relay

**The main problem I have is that the 8 CH Relay module has this annoying sound similar as if the relays were changing state but it isn’t. The relays actually aren’t changing their state. First i Thought it wasn’t receiving enough power so i went from a 5Vdc 2 amp power adapter to a 5Vdc 2,5Amp power adapter. But it keeps on doing this sound (less than before though). It even sounds if it’s idle or it has the LAN utp cable disconected. **

Here you can find a youtube link so you can watch & hear what I’m talking about.

Youtube Link

As you can see I have my Raspberry PI mounted inside a 9U Wallmounted Rack with the rest of my network equipment and my Plex server inside of it.

May I need more amps or maybe ask for the 8ch relay module Guarantee?

So, what happens, when you take the Vcc off the replay board? Is this clicking gone then?

From the photo, it looks like you’ve got three sets of relay contacts wired (and working so presumably connected to RPI O/P pins) but eight wires going to the board. Are the other five wires going to RPI pins which are floating (neither tied to Vcc or GND)?

This could cause the problem if relays randoming turning on and off.

Also, ensure all your grounds are tied to one point and try separating the relay board Vcc from the RPI Vcc.