Weird Astro issue with date

Can someone point me in the right direction, I’m fairly new. By no means a programmer or “coder”. I have installed the astro binding and for some reason in PaperUI the date is one month behind for sunrise and sunset, sunset is the wrong time. Says 1am (geo location seems to be correct). In BasicUI the date is correct on both and sunset is still wrong @ 1am.

Raspberry’s date is correct as well.


Same issue here: Astro Binding (2.0.0) reporting incorrect month in Paper UI (Control)

It sounds like a timezone issue. How did you install OH? Is the correct time zone shown in /etc/timezone ? (assuming you are on Linux).

I manually installed it on a raspberry pi 3b. I’ll check time zone right
now buy if I recall it was set to central.

Central timezone should read something like America/Chicago in /etc/timezone.

So I got to looking into this, not sure why I went as far as I did researching timezone especially when I had already set it. But why would timezone make paper off by 1 month? At any rate, it is correct CDT/chicago.

This is just a shot in the dark but Java and JavaScript have their Month start at 0(when getting the month from the operating system) where most other programming languages start at 1. This makes it easy to make a mistake when programming. You would expect more people to complain about this if that is the case.