Wemo and Long-Press

Hello! I recently got my Wemo switches up and running in openHab. The Wemo light switch firmware was updated a earlier this year to enable a long-press feature. Does anyone know if that has been updated in the binding? I can’t seem to find any information on it. Thanks.

As I don’t have a lightswitch at hand, I could not get a chance to see what it sends whe long pressed.
Please place a feature request at github and I will put it on the list for next development stage.


Wicked! Thanks!

I am afraid I have to reject this feature request.
According to Belkin an the discussion here

The long press is not available through API.

Best Hans-Jörg

FWIW, long press isn’t available directly through the API, but the sqlite3 rules database that configures the long press feature (and other scheduling features) is available via the local UPnP API. More details can be found in https://github.com/pavoni/pywemo/issues/61