Wemo binding to specific WLAN

When I setup OH2, I setup using a wired network. All has been working fine. I recently added some Wemo devices, and enabled my WLAN on my Linux device. However, when I search for my Wemo devices, they are not found. I’ve confirmed I can ping the router on the WLAN, so I suspect I need to bind the Wemo binding my WLAN. I don’t see a way to do that. Is there a way to specify the WLAN so when I search, the Wemo devices will be found?


There is no need to do so. Please check if your Router blocks UPnP over WLAN.

Hi Hans, thanks for the prompt reply!

I’ve validated UPnP, and it is enabled. I moved one of the WEMO devices to the wireless that is connected to my wired network, and it discovered promptly. I suspect I do have something configured incorrectly in my separate wireless network. The WEMO devices on that network talk to the WEMO service without and issue, and the Linux box running connects on that wireless as well. Does the WEMO OH2 search run against all the network connections?

Thanks again!

The binding itself does not do a search, it is triggering a JUPnP search, just like the Sonos binding or any other UPnP based binding.
It then is informed about the discovery results.
How did you setup your network/ip-address ranges.
Please note that per design UPnP is not working accross different ip-networks.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

The Linux OH2 machine has 1 wired network connection (192.168.1.x) and 1 wireless network connection (10.0.0.x). The wired connection has a single wifi enabled router, all devices are on the same subnet. Wemo here is found by OH2. The router on is also a wifi router, all devices here are also on the same subnet. Wemo here is not found by OH2. UPnP is enabled on both routers, and by design, they are not connected in any way. Wireless on each router is named different, wemo devices on both wireless networks are connected to a different iOS device and are able to be controlled with Wemo software. Long reason why I need devices on two separate wifi networks.

Thank you!

So it is working on one subnet but not on the other.
Per UPnP design, it will/should work only in the same subnet as your oh instace is connected to.
Discovery will not work across subnets.

Hi hmrek, my goal was not to hop subnets, but rather have openhab connected to two distinct networks on two different NICs. I’ve bypassed by going through IFTT to get to the other.


As far as I know, JUPnP does not work with muliple NICs. This is not WeMo specific.

Cool, thanks!!!

BTW, sorry for the misspelling of your name :frowning: