Wemo binding unreliable


I was wondering if someone else is using the wemo bindings and having problem with it? Mine always seems to stop updating until I trigger something. For instance, right now I have 2 light open but only one show on in openhab. If I click my master send off, it will turn it off, but because of that rules aren’t fired. Once I update all switch, they will work for a random set of time.

I have tried changing my server 3 times (from a physical machine to a docker under ubuntu to a docker into unraid), I have changed my network from an asus router to a pfsense and unifi network, nothing work.

UPNP is enabled in pfsense and working fine for anything else.

I’m currently on 3.2.0

You should upgrade your openHAB version, as the 3.3+ version of the binding got many updates last year.

And please be a bit more precise with topic naming.
Just saying a binding is unreliable is meaningless and incorrect.

I would also suggest denying Internet access to your Wemo switches. It was long ago, but I believe that mine only became reliable after I cut them off from the Wemo servers.

I replaced almost all of them with TP-Link Kasa switches, and have only kept my Wemo Motion and Wemo Maker. I have no problems with either of them.