Wemo Classic UI OpenHab2

Hi, I’m new to openhab2 and am trying to connect to 2 WEMOs with the classic UI.

Paper UI works like a charm, discovering both WEMOs out of the box (I only configured one of them to compare how they behave), however the Classic UI and the programmatic method fails miserably.

Here’s my setup

Switch InsightB2 {wemo=“Insight-1_0-221404K12001B2”}
Switch InsightC4 {wemo=“Insight-1_0-221509K12002C4”}

Frame {
Switch item=InsightB2 label="Toggle Switch"
Switch item=InsightC4 label=“Toggle Switch”

2016-05-29 01:30:39.501 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - Wemo Refresh Service has been started
2016-05-29 01:30:39.535 [INFO ] [assic.internal.servlet.WebAppServlet] - Started Classic UI at /classicui/app
2016-05-29 01:30:39.540 [INFO ] [basic.internal.servlet.WebAppServlet] - Started Basic UI at /basicui/app

2016-05-29 01:31:23.007 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘InsightB2’ received command ON
2016-05-29 01:31:26.019 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - InsightB2 changed from NULL to ON
2016-05-29 01:31:39.503 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - Wemo Refresh Service has been shut down
2016-05-29 01:32:34.229 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘InsightB2’ received command OFF
2016-05-29 01:32:34.230 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - InsightB2 changed from ON to OFF

The light does not come up. I added “feature:install openhab-runtime-compat1x” , moved the jar file into the addons, but no dice. From the logs the WEMO that is not configured is not listed. I am unsure if I forgot a step, but I cannot think of what to do next.

Any advice is appreciated.

Also, as follow up, it is have to have static and dynamics configurations displayed in one interface (e.g. paperUI or ClassicUI)?


Using openHAB2, you should use the ESH version of the WeMo Binding, which does not need the runtime-compat1x bundle.

Your items definition looks like the one for WeMo 1.x Binding, not the ESH version.

Please use this config :

Full Example


wemo:socket:Switch1 [udn=“Socket-1_0-221242K11xxxxx”]


Switch DemoSwitch { channel=“wemo:socket:Switch1:state” }
Switch LightSwitch { channel=“wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch1:state” }
Switch MotionSensor { channel=“wemo:Motion:Sensor1:state” }
Number InsightPower { channel=“wemo:insight:Insight1:currentPower” }
Number InsightLastOn { channel=“wemo:insight:Insight1:lastOnFor” }
Number InsightToday { channel=“wemo:insight:Insight1:onToday” }
Number InsightTotal { channel=“wemo:insight:Insight1:onTotal” }

sitemap demo label=“Main Menu”
Frame label=“WeMo” {
Switch item=DemoSwitch
Switch item=LightSwitch
Switch item=MotionSensor
Number item=InsightPower
Number item=InsightLastOn
Number item=InsightToday
Number item=InsightTotal


Perfect, that did the trick. I guess I had followed an old recipe.

The only issue is that the “number” param in sitemaps does not display in the UI (chrome). Changing it to “text” fixed the issue.

Thank you for the quick help!

Hi Martin and Merk

I’m using the wemo binding and OH2 with led bulbs which works perfect. May I ask if either for led bulbs or other wemo items like switches, I’m able to get their status somehow ? I mean it’s fine to send the commands but how do I know if the switch has been manually triggered ?

Thank you

This is already implemented, the devices - apart from the WeMo maker - send their updates trough GENA events to openHAB (2.0), as a fallback, there is a polling every 60 seconds for the lights, 120 seconds for the switches.

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Thank you for the immediate reply. if I need to troubleshoot the event bus how can I do that ? I have a delay in most cases with led-bulbs which seems that finally the status I get back comes from the polling process and not the GENA.

I already saw this with my motion sensor and will start to debug this issue in about a week.

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Great, if u need any feedback for led-bulbs I’ll be glad to assist.

Are there any example configs for the Wemo LED lights? I have OpenHab2 working fine for the switches but I cannot get the Wemo LED lights to work. Also do I need to put in a config for the LED bridge?

Noconfig needed. Discovery should find your WeMo Link bridge and put it in inbox. Once you approved it there, a scan for the LED bulbs is trigered and the result will be put in inbox.
I will update the Binding WIKI with examples during the week.

So does this look right?
wemo:MZ100:Lounge [udn=“Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2785784”]
wemo:MZ100:Hall [udn=“Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2788F4B”]

and items:

Switch LoungeMain { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Lounge:state” }
Switch HallMain { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Hall:state” }

I am getting lost with this. If I use the openhab rest api and use /items/{itemname}/state with the other example of HallMain I get a response code of 200 and a status of OFF when its actually on.

I try using /items/{itemname}/state and try to change the state to off I get a response code of “no content” a code of 202

I can use the Paper UI I can control the Wemo LEDs fine, but trying to control them myself just doesn’t work.

I would love some more code examples controlling the Wemo LED if anyone has any

No, the correct thing definition would look like

Bridge wemo:bridge:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0 [udn=“Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0”] {
MZ100 94103EA2B2785784 [ deviceID=“94103EA2B2785784” ]
MZ100 94103EA2B2788F4B [ deviceID=“94103EA2B2788F4B” ]

and the items should be

Switch LoungeMain { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2785784:state” }
Dimmer dLounge { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2785784:brightness” }
Switch HallMain { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2788F4B:state” }
Dimmer dHall { channel=“wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0:94103EA2B2788F4B:brightness” }

I will update the WIKI accordingly.

Thanks thats great I have them working now.