Wemo Coffe Maker

Hello -
I am continuing my exploration of OpenHab and I can tell you I’m beginning to get highly addicted…

I’d like to try and find a way to perform 2 tasks with my Wemo Coffee Maker

  1. Start the coffee brewing process - a button that starts.
  2. Capture the brewing finished event (it sends a note to the iOS app) so I can create a rule and announce “Coffee’s Ready”

I’ve looked through the Wemo binding information and I see no mention of the coffee maker…is this possible?

Is there a way to poll the device to see what events it listens for etc?

Many thanks to your time and dedication to help others learn…I hope to repay as my knowledge increases.


This question was asked some time ago :wink:
The actual Binding version does not support Coffe-Maker or Humidifier, main reason is that those devices are not available in Germany, so I don’t have them at hand.
Woithout having the devices, it is hard to add according support to the Binding.
Second reason is a lack of time to enhance the Binding with this new devices.

Bottom Line : These devices will be supported in the future, but I can’t tell you when.


Thank you for the information…I searched the forums, but did not see any mention of the coffee maker…my apologies.

I was hopeful it was supported as when I added the binding to my configuration it did discover my Coffee Maker and note it in the log.

I know this is possible as I see that a “binding” for this had been written for Control4 - https://www.houselogix.com/shop/mr-coffee

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this becomes a reality soon.



Yes,UPnP discovery will find the Coffee Maker, but the Binding does not know anything about it.
I already have some details on how to communicate with the device, but for developement, especially with the weird WeMo devices, I would need to have it on hand.

If I can find some spare time, I will think of a way to implement support for the Coffee Maker, but there are some other improvement to the binding to be done first.


Just wanted to check back and see if you had found the opportunity to work on the coffee maker component for the binding.



Have you tried IFTTT with OH? there is a small delay in the commands but I image it wouldn’t be an issue for a coffee maker

Unfortunately not. Will have to find some time to start coding.


Just thought I would check back in and see if the coffee maker has made it’s way into the binding.



Still no progress, but i have found some basic documentation to start writing a new handler for it.

I will try to have a first version for testing by end of this month.


Hi Squid,
as promised, please find an experimental version of the WeMo Binding here.

I added basic support for the WeMo CoffeMaker and the WeMo CrockPot.
Please copy the JAR into your addons folder, set log level for WeMo Binding to TRACE and have a go.
Any comments are welcome. If facing any issues, please post your debug log file.


This is great news!!

I should be home in an hour or so and will take it out for a spin.

Quick question can the plugin see the alert from the coffe maker that’s its completed brewing? I know there is an alert for that.

Many thanks for taking this on.



I added the JAR file to my addons folder and through PaperUI I immedaitely saw the coffee maker in the INBOX.

When I clicked on the checkmark icon to add it, I received a


Popup at the bottom of the page.

@KidSquid I opened an issue at github to move discussion over.

Could you please add your debug log there.
Answering your question, for the release, I plan to have GENA events added, so you will get an alert when your coffee is ready.