Wemo Dimmer Brightness display wrong value


I’ve updated to version 3.1 of OpenHab and while everything work properly, there’s one thing that is bugging me.

I have a thing for a wemo dimmer with a dimmer item and a switch item connected to the channel. The switch item work properly, turning on/off with latest value. The dimmer also work, but always reset to 100 whatever the real value is. If I slide to 45, the light does dim to 45 but the slider stop at 45 then update to 100 everytime.

I’ve tried using a floorplan with a widget and the samething happen.

Thank you

Please set the Wemo binding to trace logging and post the output when this happens.

ok, how do I set it to trace?

Enter the following in Karaf console

log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.wemo
2021-09-25 12:02:07.511 [TRACE] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - Command 'ON' received for channel 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433:brightness'
2021-09-25 12:02:08.502 [DEBUG] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - Received pair 'BinaryState':'1' (service 'basicevent1') for thing 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433'
2021-09-25 12:02:08.503 [DEBUG] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - State 'ON' for device 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433' received
2021-09-25 12:02:12.251 [TRACE] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - Command '40.0' received for channel 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433:brightness'
2021-09-25 12:02:12.387 [DEBUG] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - Received pair 'BinaryState':'1' (service 'basicevent1') for thing 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433'
2021-09-25 12:02:12.388 [DEBUG] [o.internal.handler.WemoDimmerHandler] - State 'ON' for device 'wemo:dimmer:Dimmer-1_0-241742K1502433' received

Seems they have changed the firmware sometime after i developed this. At that time, the actual brightness was reported too.
I will add another check to only update values if there is a real change.
Unfortunately, this will take some time.

no problem, wasn’t sure if it was something on my end.


Bugfix is on the way

Fix was merged and will be available with next SNAPSHOT and upcoming milestones/release.