WeMo item

I’m having trouble detecting a WeMo item that worked recently. I’ve installed the binding but it can’t find the device. I think I’m missing a step. The device does work when I use the wemo app.
I’ll keep looking, just wondering if others have any trouble with wemo switches.

To get help, it would be excellent to post some more information about your setup and post your debug log.

is it possible that the network config on the wemo itself got changed or reset? On your mobile, see if there is a wifi network in range called WeMo.xxx and connect to it and then open your wemo app. Maybe you just have to put it back on your network.

I went to get more logs and info to share, and suddenly there it was in the inbox of PaperUI. Whatever the issues was, it passed. Perhaps the device had a polling period or wakeup time and I just wasn’t being patient. It woks well now. If I notice anything else I’ll share more info.

Thank you for your time