Wemo lights dimmer status is incorrect

Dear all,

I have a rule which switches all my lights off at sunrise. It works perfectly.

However, in my setup I have 2 Wemo lights, and the slider value of these keep bouncing back to their previous values. This happens even if I manually set the slider to 0. Hence it looks like these two lights are on according to the panel, but they are actually off.

Would anyone know how to resolve this? All the other brands behave as expected.

Many thanks on advance,


This is WeMo behaviour :frowning:
Switching a WeMo light off, will not change the internal stored last brightness value, that is received by the binding.
Setting the Brightness to 0 is interpreted as an OFF command and as such send to the light, which causes not to change the brightness value.
We could think off changing the binding logic, but this might caus inconsitency with the state shown in the original WeMo App.
To track this, please open an Issue (Feature Request) at

Hi Hans-Jörg,

What I did was to create virtual sliders for each Wemo bulb, and then assign rules to each to send the respective commands to each light, So probably no need to change the binding logic, though it is a slight overhead. Your binding works perfectly according to Wemo functionality.

In case it helps anyone else who may have the same problem here is my setup for one of them:


Dimmer Wemo_Backyard       	"Back yard [%d %%]"	                <light>		(Lights_Outdoor)


rule "Update back yard light from virual dimmer"
	Item Wemo_Backyard changed
	val BackyardSliderValue = Wemo_Backyard.state as Number
	 sendCommand(Light_Backyard, BackyardSliderValue)

The net result is that my HABPanel shows the actual values of all the lights instead of some of them (3 Wemo’s) showing as ‘ON’ but they’re actually ‘OFF’)

That’s the best workaround I could think of.