WeMo Maker Sensor

Looking for some help on getting my WeMo Maker garage door configured in OpenHAB

I’ve tried multiple different configs but obviously no success as of yet.

I have a WeMo Maker with a Magnetic reed switch to identify closed position. As with many others, no problem within the WeMo app.

Now I understand from other postings that there is poor implementation of UPNP on the WeMo devices, limiting the accuracy of the sensor data

So far I haven’t actually seen the sensor state update itself at all. Being new to this, could it be related to rrjd4 persistence maybe?

My end goal is to have an item in OpenHAB to open/close the door and identify the state of the door using the reed switch.

I was thinking of using MQTT to manipulate the switch state, but that doesn’t help me for opening the door outside the OpenHAB bubble

If anyone has some suggestions it’s much appreciated, I’m almost at the stage that I’m looking for an alternate solution to replace the WeMo Maker so if anyone has some good suggestions I’m up for that too