WeMo Switch with static IP

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: PI/Openhabian
    • openHAB version: 2.4

WeMo Switch with Static IP

I’m creating VLANs for most of my devices and I have some old WeMo switches that are causing problems. The WeMo switches are on a separate VLAN with no internet access (I don’t want WeMo’s remote access).

Neither the WeMo app or the WeMo binding will pick up a WeMo on a different VLAN. I’ve tried the usual things (from google) - mDNS reflectors etc, but no luck.

So I was wondering if it’s possible to create a WeMo thing with a static IP address?

If not, I’m guessing the next best thing to create a virtual interface on the PI and have it connected to both VLANs?


No, the binding is designed to use UPnP functions like GENA events. This would work with static DHCP but not over different subnets.


Thank you.


For anyone looking for a similar solution, I created a VLAN interface on my Raspberry Pi which worked perfectly.

I firewalled off my the new interface, and disabled forwarding.