What are popular thermostats for use with OpenHab?

I’m new to OH and would like to hear comments on commonly used and reliable thermostats. I will need two, one for upstairs and one down. I know there are lots of Z-wave models - is this the best choice?

I am using a CT100 and it works fairly well. I started with a CT30 and I could never get it to work correctly. When changing the setpoint from OH, it would immediately revert.

My only complaint with the CT100 is that manual changes don’t seem to be reported back to OH even though it supports associations. While irritating, it really doesn’t have much practical impact for me.

I can’t offer any advise on Nest, Ecobee, etc. Besides the fact that I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a thermostat, the learning models wouldn’t work well for us since my wife is a nurse and works nights.

The best answer would consider your location and HVAC technology.

If you are in North America, I strongly recommend the ecobee3. It comes with Apple HomeKit support built in if you’re an Apple device user, but is very good at working with all sorts of residential HVAC equipment. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a close second, and there is a version for European customers. (I use and wrote the bindings for ecobee and Nest.) There are a number of Z-Wave models that generally have fewer features but are also less expensive. I would avoid Honeywell products, as they don’t integrate as well and don’t get very good reviews.

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I’m in the US but would prefer less expensive thermostats. Something along the line of the CT100 looks good.

I haven’t actually connected my Ecobee3 to OpenHab yet. It only arrived earlier this week. However, I have to say the binding looks very thorough and the installation instructions to actually install the thermostat are excellent. I like the web application and the Android application. The on board display is clear and intuitive and I really like the remote wireless occupancy sensors (with temperature measurement too) which OpenHab can also read. In the US my utility company gave me a $75 rebate because I bought a smart thermostat if that helps. I think many will. I’ll let you know how my experience is hooking it up to OpenHab.

Also want to mention the new ecobee3 Lite, which doesn’t support the remote wireless sensors but has a much lower retail price ($169) than the full ecobee3, and still has built-in Apple HomeKit support. The Ecobee binding works with it already.

+1 for CT100, I have 19 of them and they work great.

Same here for the CT100. cheap, looks good. works. Hits the major points for me :slight_smile:

I’m deciding between Ecobee3 vs Ecobee4 and can’t make the final call since there’s no info about OpenHAB integration. Has anyone successfully connected either of these thermostats?

If not, is Nest or Lyric compatible? I really need to pair it with OpenHAB.