What are problems with the SPI-Provider?

During debugging this morning, I am seeing a lot of the following lines on startup:

11:40:45.298 [INFO ] [g.apache.aries.spifly.dynamic.bundle] - No 'SPI-Provider’
Manifest header. Skipping bundle: io.swagger.core

From issues I can see in the forum, it looks like those issues were fixed months ago, but I am seeing them now.

What is the effect of this, and how much do I need to worry?

Where did you read that it was fixed? I couldn’t find a reference and I actually do not remember the details myself.

I have just pushed this change, which should suppress this message. Just add this line to your logging config file and it should solve it.

No need to worry at all, see here.

I had noticed it a couple of times when I was scanning posts for spi-provider. It appeared to be an issue that was fixed.

What is the best method for me picking up that change? Is there a good document somewhere on how to get the nightly build?