What area next?

I’m really just getting to grips with the basics. Im understanding the basics of bindings now and sort of getting sitemaps.

Before I delve into rules,scripts or some more bindings I’d like to make sure I’m only learning things that are going to be useful in openhab2 as I will probably upgrade to that as soon as it comes out.

So what should I concentrate on next?



Pretty much everything you learn in OH1 will be transferable knowledge to OH2. So I would choose to learn whatever part of the system gets you closer to your end goal. Personally I would start tackling rules as they are the most complex part of the system and also the most powerful. Any rules you write in OH1 will work in OH2.

Sounds good - thanks!

Would persistence also be included in this? I am in a pretty similar spot as @rossdargan, but am fine waiting for OH2 to come out and bake before starting.

Happy Holidays :smiley:

Yes, persistence should work roughly the same as well. For the most part Kai and company have gone to great lengths to make the move to OH 2 as easy and painless as possible from OH 1. Pretty much everything you learn in OH 1 will be useful in OH 2. The biggest differences will be the way the config files are handled, auto discovery of devices, and additional options and capabilities. I believe the goal is that you can costly just copy over your existing rules and items and such and it will just work in OH 2. I’m sure the devil in the details will cause some problems but personally I would not wait for OH 2 to learn or get started.