What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

(Bob Miles) #95

Hi Morten,

oh I’m sorry I must have missed that second post! it’s all clear now :slight_smile: Makingk my own right away!

Again, thank you so much!

(Simon Thorsted) #96

me to , like it a lot ,can we please see some configs ??

item , sitemap rule and so on ,i`m not a coder so have a lot to learn

(Markus Storm) #97

People, please stay on topic.
This is meant to be a “presentation” thread.
Open new threads or mail an author if you’ve got questions unless they’re really of interest to the public.
You can also delete your posts which are unrelated.

(Martin Puff) #98

can you share your icons?

(M) #99

Hello all,
how do i generate a Chart like you have???


(Huaba) #101

Hi milo,

i generate the charts with Grafana based on InfluxDB and integrated as iframe in BasicUI.

I used this as tutorial:


(Huaba) #102

This is a wild collection of different icon sets from https://www.flaticon.com/


(dalibor) #103

Ok, here are some images :stuck_out_tongue:
“Simple” and easy project, bought old kindle (v3 or 4 not sure) loaded simple javascript in browser that will display the current time and date.
Plan is to make custom wooden frame, but… time will tell.
It is big and easy to read, can show temperature (but now my server is on/off so for now page runs completely offline. It has battery that holds weeks (although it is on charger all the time).

And most importantly, it doesn’t tick, and it doesn’t glow in the dark (which really drives me crazy). Newer kindle versions can hide addressbar in browser, but this works fine as well

(Vincent Regaud) #104

No pictures, just a simple automation to keep the volume down when the kids are in bed!!!
I could put the max volume in an item but after testing 20 is just fine.
Rule is self explanatory and item names meaningful

rule "Max TV Volume"
    Item LivingRoom_TVVolume changed
    if (TimeOfDay.state == "NIGHT" && LivingRoom_TVVolume.state > 20 && House_Mode.state != "PARTY") {

(Kim Andersen) #105

Dont hit the Party button when kids are in bed :laughing:

(dalibor) #106

My wife said she doesn’t want to see “those things”…
Challenge accepted!


(Aart) #107

What kind of material is the front of that door and how did you dont cut trouh the material?

(Kim Andersen) #108

That is pretty awesome!!

(Vincent Regaud) #109

I asked the same question on a PM to keep the tread clean. He cut through and then covered the front with wall paper.

(dalibor) #110

Correct, I did cut it trough and glued the display as flush as possible with the front, then put two sheets of self-adhesive wallpaper on top (one tip for next time, individual displays are not perfectly soldered straight, so they are noticeable, in front of all displays put one sheet of plastic to keep the foil straight). I got inspired from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P-8-zd7sXg where he uses venier (i guess very thin wood, not sure). But since I have relatively large area, and it was white (and I found white decoration wallpaper) for me this worked fine.
Since the doors should still be functional, I used old phone “curled” cable for the power, and attached it to the top of the shelf and the doors (not to tension the connection). It is a bit tricky opening the doors, but we rarely do it as all electronics for media/tv is inside, so nothing to see.
Display is driven by MySensors arduino library, that communicates with openhab/node-red.

All in all a relatively easy project to be honest, display logic was most difficult part as radio(or mySensors?) is limited on amount of data it can receive/send, so I spent a lot of tweaking to get unlimited text, also have it display correctly etc. Node red is doing some magic there, and openhab is providing the data. Great wow-factor vs. time spent balance :slight_smile:

(rsemmens) #111

Well i have no pictures, but i have wanted to post on this thread for a while.
Today i automated the emptying of my Xiaomi Vacuum (Named NooNoo, Part of the WAF)
Nothing ground breaking and simple compared to most i see.

Basically, it goes cleaning, once it’s done a total meter squared greater then the set amount and its done the cleanup (while we are at work). It will go home to charge, once fully charged it will drive itself to the bin for us to do the manual bit once home. Press the home button on the vacuum and it heads home, OpenHab resets its counters for next time.


String NooNooCommand	"NooNoo Command"		{ channel="miio:vacuum:03DAB0FE:actions#commands" }
Number NooNooBattery	"NooNoo Battery"		{ channel="miio:vacuum:03DAB0FE:status#battery" }
Number NooNooCurrentCleanArea  "NooNoo Current Clean Area" { channel="miio:vacuum:03DAB0FE:status#clean_area" }
Number NooNooTotalCleanArea
String NooNooStatus  "NooNoo Current Action" { channel="miio:vacuum:03DAB0FE:status#state" }
Switch NooNooEmptyMode	"NooNoo Needs Emptying"


rule "NooNoo Status updates"
            Item NooNooStatus changed
        var Number EmptyAmount = 50
        logInfo("Rule","NooNoo status rule start")
        if (NooNooStatus.state == "Returning Dock" && NooNooTotalCleanArea.state < EmptyAmount) {
                logInfo("Rule","NooNoo Not ready to be emptyed")
                var Number TotalArea = NooNooTotalCleanArea.state as Number
                var Number CurrentArea = NooNooCurrentCleanArea.state as Number
                NooNooTotalCleanArea.sendCommand( TotalArea + CurrentArea ) }
        else if(NooNooStatus.state == "Charging" && NooNooTotalCleanArea.state > EmptyAmount) { 
                logInfo("Rule","NooNoo Ready to be emptyed but going to charge")
                NooNooEmptyMode.sendCommand( ON ) }
        else if(NooNooStatus.state == "Returning Dock" && NooNooEmptyMode.state == ON ) { 
                logInfo("Rule","NooNoo Has been emptyed")
                NooNooEmptyMode.sendCommand( OFF )
                NooNooTotalCleanArea.sendCommand( 0 ) }

rule "NooNoo go to be emptyed"
            Item NooNooBattery changed
        //logInfo("Rule","NooNoo battery ping")
         if (NooNooBattery.state == 100 && NooNooEmptyMode.state == ON ) {
                 logInfo("Rule","NooNoo Going to sit by the bin")

I would have liked to get it down to a single rule, but time wasn’t permitting.

(Gad Ofir) #112

now thats cool! you are so inspiraing :slight_smile:

(Michael Cumming) #113

One frustration I have had is making our homemade IOT look good. For ESP32 bluetooth presence detection, I found these plugin cases https://www.polycase.com/gs-2315

I added a simply AC/DC powersupply and the ESP all in one nice package.

(Angelos) #114

Mounting my 3P 10KVA UPS soon at the technical room to pair it up with the PM30D01KNX

OH2 with NUTS binding is ready to talk via SNMP to the NetVision card of Socomec

Building now also the connections to the Digital I/O relay board

(dalibor) #115

great idea and implementation, I really like the idea of “smartifying” already smart vacuum cleaner. Might implement this one myself as I often forget to empty it