What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

My current project is learning to use my ESP8266 and WS2812 lights. Someday they’ll be all over my house but currently I just have my little USB stick with 10 LEDs zip tied to the cord.

@bartus I’ve got my eye on your tutorials for this one…

So far I’ve got OTA updates, MQTT commands, and a VERY simple FastLED loop.

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I haven’t come across any ESP8266 breakout boards with screw terminal, but then I don’t use the raw ESP8266 - I prefer NodeMCUs (which are breakout boards of the ESP8266, I guess)…I still have a todo list of changes to the PCB for the next rev (including some suggestions from this forum), but I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and get back into Eagle…Having said that, adding screw terminals to my board might not be feeasible, and I’m considering making a whole new board, more like a test/dev board, rather than something I was trying to fit into an enclosure/finished product…

[EDIT] Forgot to add - beautiful Habpanel layout!! I literally just started making one for my solar system, but nothing quite ready or pretty as yours :slight_smile:

I’m a sucker for LEDs - I approve this message!! :smiley:

I had forgotten about that post. I may have to come back to it and adjust my plans a bit. I have a level shifter already though I intend to use that in preparation to put something in my door bell to shift the 16v down to 5v to power the NodeMCU I want to put in there. I may use it here instead but it’s as big as the NodeMCU is.

I had thought of that but they are 12’-15’ ceilings (there is a bump down at one end). I currently have bare 100w equivalent corn cob style LEDs in the sockets now and it’s not a problem. This is more of an experiment then anything. I’m only <$100 in materials in so far so if it doesn’t pan out that’s fine. I’ll probably just get some shop lights with led “florescent” tubes which would cost about the same as getting 15 meters of the aluminum channels. But at this point I’m months away from the home addition which may include a workshop which will make this project moot.

One reason I care at all about the project case for my garage controller replacement is I want to added some screw terminals. I just bought a bunch and plan on wiring then to the board either through a breadboard, perfboard, or custom pcb. Or I might mount them to the outside of the case and use wires.

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I got my nomenclature mixed up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I meant to say NodeMCU. I really have enjoyed tinkering and my solder skills are not that great, so a screw terminal option would really be a plus for me.

Ah, but the best way to learn soldering is to screw up a few times and get better at it (much like anything, I guess :smiley: - I’ve destroyed a lot of boards/components before I got diecent at it!

[EDIT] Found one for the ESP8266! https://www.tindie.com/products/AwesomePCB/esp8266-wi-fi-screw-shield/ but nothing for the NodeMCU (makes me think I should make one!)

Not actually today but today I found the photos from the installation.
Motorized shades installed, now to automate its position based on sun, clouds etc.



alwys wanted to do that , was afraid of what will come in the mail :slight_smile:

can you tell me what exctly to look for ?(to order)
and what is that cool remote?

I understand your fear, I spent quite some time researching options. At the end I found company from Sweden that sells exactly what I needed. Motor that can be installed inside ikea/kirsch/jysk shades, power supply, roller shutter that works with them, and this nice button remote that works “ok”.

It costed me around 150e per window (some windows are connected together, then it is a bit cheaper as shutter and button are shared). And it is just to hook it up, calibrate the motor (this takes some time to be honest). Also, latest update on the binding broke something so actual state is not reported correctly. I am waiting for the next openhab release to see if it is better.

In my case, it is important to have roller shutter that can change polarity on two cables (see the link down for details of what I have), motor that has only two cables and goes up/down based on polarity on cables. Motor has calibration option, but I think calibration could be done with the roller shutter as well. Honestly, I would not have ordered it if it was not packed in a package and working combination not demonstrated on the website.

This is a Smart Color Button - Philio. It is wireless, gyroscope based “button” that works directly with shutter/motor itself (so if openhab is offline, shades work, which is a must I think). They say battery lasts for 6months, but it is usb rechargeable, so not a biggie. It reports battery level to the controller so that is a plus.

As far as WAF goes, it is wireless and looks nice so that is a plus, but to use it it is a bit, well… different to operate as it is just held by magnet on the holder/wall and has no rotation limitats, so it is not 100% intuitive for first time use as you just turn it and then nothing happens, then you have to wait almost 2s for it to settle and send new position to the shades, and one cannot change direction (at least I didn’t find how) so “left” might be counter intuitive as if shades are open or closed, so it is a bit fiddly to operate. Also it has a tolerance rotation, meaning that fine adjustments for the shades are a bit hit and miss, so… Also by pressing the button, shades goes down and button turns it self off and doesn’t react to rotation… very annoying

But I am hoping that blinds will mostly work automatically so that would not matter that much. And I didn’t find some much better remote dimmer-like controllers for the blinds, so… it works for now. Easy to replace later

Hi some bad automation (bed :))

i like my cable receiver to be same for the all apremtmnet , only two TVs
so i did…

  1. two sonoff Pows for each TV(to know if on or off) 22$
  2. one IR repater from living room 2$
  3. one IR repater from room 2$
  4. AMP that can route HD , i had one but you can pick one up for 10$
  5. HD duplicate 12$
  6. broadlink RM2 to send IR commands 37$
  7. Mouse, USB dongle from Bed to PC 2$

Setup in short

  1. Broadlink and POWs are connected to OH :slight_smile:
    the rest you should know but if anyone wants help do ask i will try my best, cheeers

also have Apple TV , and PC connected to the same amp so i have control for all media devices from bed
just like in the living room

what did it give me?
no need for two apple TVs…
no need for another PC in room(also i love my PC don’t want another one)
no need for another cable box
the POW MQTT butten can have many states , so its very useful MQTT butten
complete control of TVs power and Inputs

don’t mind the cables and the holes, i will cover it up one day :wink:

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Hi thanks!

but i am not sure i can order this blinds… anything from ali ebay that will do the trick ?
also want somthing to go with ikea

I found the motors type, they are BOFU ES25/ES16 (one or the other)
You can download manual from this page https://en.m.nu/blinds-awnings/blinds-motor-24v-for-20mm-tubes (direct link https://file.m.nu/pdf/ES25ES16.pdf)
Not sure they are available on ebay, but this looks like their website, maybe you can contact them for local distributor or something…
I think I found before some motors from ebay that might be useful, but the price was about the same so I didn’t investigate more. Anyways, for my combination you need a motor with two wires (motor should change direction base if polarity is reversed) and a flush shutter controller.

I am sure this can be achieved with many other combinations as well :slight_smile:

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Now this forum is for home automation enthusiasts and rather the opposite of Instagr*m (where everything’s shiny but all fake) so I guess that’s why most here don’t care or even forget to take pictures at all…

Anyhow, here’s a picture of my motorized TV cover:

See it in operation here.

I’ve also integrated my lawn mower and even built a home for it (silly, eh ?), see it in operation here.


Looks very nice Markus.

The lawnmower house is totally over the top. I need one :smile:

Thanks. It’s homemade to match the house design and pretty skew-whiff, though, so I had to film it from a distance :slight_smile: But it was fun to build with those ~ 3 left hands of my son & me.


Here is another one: our new bathroom to automatically “close” windows on entry.

In case you’re now about to ask “what if your OH fails ?”: the default actually is to have the blind window pane, it only becomes transparent when current is applied.


bathroom windows are star-trek material… Looks awesome. Any info you can share about the price and general usability (read: is it worth it for you)?

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What kind of glass/foil is that?
Where can you buy that!

Thanks. I was having a hard time finding it. It’s an inside-mounted foil. I’m usually not promoting any sellers but since you asked, I found it at https://www.ifoha.de/shop/schaltbare-folie-fuer-glas-weiss. They’re also selling a trial kit for less than 100€ that you get completely refunded on return (hint: keeping it and reusing the power supply is cheaper than to buy theirs).

It’s not 100% transparent if looking from an angle but looks better in reality than I expected. I have been using it without problems for half a year now. It’s fun and useful, so yes it was well worth it.


Hi Jürgen,
you said there is an API to get/set data on VITOCONNECT - I am Looking since month for this API, but did not find anything.
Could you plese send me some Information on it?
Thanks Georg