What does Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub mean for openHAB?

There will be any consequence about that? Any comment?

Form what I read, so far nothing. Apparently gitHub will continue to operate independently. I guess we will get to know more in the not too far future. There are other repositories available…

What’s the big deal? the repository functionality isn’t touched in any way - and I can’t even think why Microsoft would do something about it or even change the platform other than pursue the roadmap of GitHub. As far as I remember, Microsoft is the biggest single contributor to GitHub even before the acquisition.
and as LinkedIn shows, Microsoft is capable of running platforms without radically changing anything…


Just to add my opinion. MS in the past few years has become a much better citizen when it comes to open source. They are one of the biggest contributors to the kernel, VSCode was originally developed by them, and they are making many moves into open source in a bunch of areas. You can even run Linux on Windows 10. Could anyone have predicted that 10 years ago?

As for why they would make this move? I suspect it is a combination of factors.

For one, they are falling behind Amazon and Google on the cloud front, largely because they were slow to support Linux distros. I suspect a move like this is something they can leverage in that area.

Their source control system is pretty terrible too. I could see them using this as a way to just purchase a new source control system for them to use in house.

There may be some technology or patent or the like that GitHub owns that MS wants and it is cheaper to purchase rather than license.

Whatever their reasons, I suspect there will be no changes in the near term. Over time, GitHub will change, though that would happen anyway if GitHub were purchased by some other company or remained independent.

So I don’t think it amounts to much of an impact for OH.

Now if some other company like Oracle or Apple had purchased GitHub, I’d be much more concerned.


As others are adding their 5 c’s, let me add mine.

This is likely the best thing that could have happened to the developer community. Microsoft is first and foremost a developer’s company and they have a long recent history with Github. And over the last many years (both under Steve Balmer and Satya Nadella) they have opened up more and more to the open source community.

The largest source repo’s on the planet (and in Github) belong to Microsoft: Windows and Office. Part of the process of moving these repos to Github required Microsoft to help build a “file system” that could support repos of this size. This is something will likely benefit other large repos.

When Rick mentioned the “terrible” source control system, I respectfully disagree. Not that Visual Source Safe (or VSS) that he is likely referring to is good, but it has largely been replaced by Visual Studio/Team Services Online that uses git.

As I am pointing out discrepancies, I will also add that on the cloud front, as of Q1 2018, Amazon (AWS) has the largest revenue share, but Microsoft Azure is number 2 (Google is number 3, half the size of Microsoft) and all three are very aggressively adding services they few thought they were going to support.

And I most certainly agrees with Rick’s parting comment that this acquisition will likely have little impact on my favorite HA platform or other software developers using Github.

And just to set the record straight, I am an ex-Microsoft employee. Feel free to check out LinkedIn for more details.


I was referring to VSS and based my statement on admittedly old knowledge. It is amazing how time passes. It seems like only yesterday, turn around, and its now been over 10 years. I just remember the pain of moving from a project run by ClearCase to VSS and it was a nightmare. Not that CC was a happy experience itself.

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I hear ya. “Time flies”… I once quoted the full proverb to a good friend “Time flies when you are having fun”, he looked at me and said: “No, Time just flies…”.

In my previous job, I transitioned my 50 developers from an on-prem VSS that we’d had for a long time to Team Services (Now Team Services). During our first major project with that infrastructure, the service had a major outage. Not a confidence builder, but…

I don’t think there will be much impact, but if it so happens they will rebrand it to “GithubLive” it is time to go