What else could I run on a Pi3 w/ OH2 (running MQTT)

Im quite new to using Raspberry Pi’s mostly having been playing around with various Arduino boards so I’m not entirely sure how powerful the Pi3 is.

Would it be possible to run say a MagicMirror also on top of all the other OH things? Or would it be best to just leave the Pi3 solely for OH?

Also an unrelated question I have a 3.5" touchscreen that fits with the pi in side a small case…is it possible at all to control OH devices through this touchscreen as a backup also?

I don’t know what MagicMirror requires but the Pi3 is pretty powerful for a board computer. Lots of pople cohost OH, InfluxDB and Grafana on the same Pi. The major constraint tends to be the RAM.

I’d give it a try and see what it can do.

For your second question, if you can dispaly a web browser to this touch screen you should be able to set something reasonable in Habpanel. Otherwise you may need to write something custom for a UI. But the OH REST API is well documented so that shouldn’t be too difficult assuming you can find an easy to use graphical framework.

Thanks @rlkoshak that helps me understand the amount of power it actually has. I was looking into the magic mirror because its a nice way to hide the pi on a wall behind a nice display. Sounds like this shouldnt be an issue.

So awesome to know that i can get the touchscreen working also, if i dont do that magicmirror thing this would be a great backup to have incase there’s a need to turn anything on/off in a hurry.