What happened to OpenHab 1.8?

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Wanted to download and install and it’s gone …Is there a link I can follow to get it back …I found it was much easier to configure than this on screen @#&#($,@#;@

Cant the newer versions of OH still be configured the old way without using a GUI

Don’t want to use GUI …Want to go in and configure via ssh

Maybe admincan put the old links back up

You can still do that with OH2

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Where were the files installed to ??..?

File locations

I thought I was right on that

Github releases:



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Hate to disagree, I think that one of the openHAB 2 design principals was that you could always configure things via text, but in real life we are not there yet. Take zwave for example, yes can you configure basic .things but you can’t sent any parameters via text files. Just the other day I was moving to next 2.3 binding and I had to create it via paper first so I could get the access token then I was able to back into text files.