What hardware are you using for fingerprint access with openhab?

Hi all,

I was really excited about the e-key binding until I got the quote for a simple single door setup. Hardware only, with no installation, was $2,500 Australian dollars excluding the electric strike. My goal was to ensure that my family was never locked out of the house and that I wouldn’t need to worry about young kids losing their keys, but I just can’t justify that kind of outlay.

Can anyone else recommend some fingerprint reader HW that they’ve successfully connected to Openhab. I’ve scoured the list of binding but can’t see anything. And I’m not a developer, so I’d stand about zero chance of writing my own.


you could use something like a standalone Fingerprint Sensor, in Germany i would recommend the Gira Fingerprint Sensor.(http://www.gira.com/en/tuerkommunikation/keylessin/fingerprint.html). Then you could connect that Standalone Fingerprint Sensor to the Fibaro Binary Sensor to use it with Z-Wave or with something else to connect it directly to openHAB (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ETC).
That isn’t a good ready to use option but it would work.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your thoughts. A quick bit of research suggests that your approach will cost less than half of the eKey. A major move in the right direction, and the Gira looks like a high quality system.



No Problem, if you have any further news, please share it with us!



Hi Trevor,
for many years (~10), I used the finger print scanner from jaycar. It is now starting to die. I was able to have two of my fingers registered but my wife just couldn’t get the hang of putting her finger in the same spot.
Now that it is dying I’m looking for some other option ie rfid (i use rfid on an internal door) or maybe just a pulsed 10 seconds) output driven by oh app on our phones.

Newcastle Australia.