What is the best way to control a GPIO pin?

What is the best way to control the GPIO pins of the PI with openhab?

check this:

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GPIO Binding seems to be a V1 binding. V1 bindings will not be supported in OH3.
Alternatively you could use the Exec binding: Exec Binding 2.4.0 - Change gpio pin of a remote Raspberry (bash script and SSH) - Openhabian

That is the point I am struggling that v1 binding will not supported with OH3 …

But that means there is no better way that I am doing it with a phyton script connected to mqtt

that part I cannot judge as there are not enough details about what you would like to further achieve besides writing/reading information from GPIO pins.

I want to switch a relay on and off which is connected to a GPIo

I wouldn’t do that on the OH server. Hook your relay up to some external actuator.
That actuator could still be anything-WiFi/ZWave/… you use elsewhere - or another Raspi running OH2 (so you can stay on OH2 on that device and keep using the v1 GPIO binding forever).

@mstormi No, that’s non sense in my case because I wanna switch on and of my fan for cooling the raspberry pi

And it’s not a relay it’s an switchable step down converter

Next time please be more verbose.
You must not conceal parts of your setup that are important for someone to answer the question. You made me victim to the XY problem (see link below).
And frankly, this is no smart home application at all. And there’s a gazillion solutions on the Inet.

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Is it possible to import Brick model?