What is the current status of compatible smoke alarms in the US?

One of my Smoke detectors fried and I wanted to replace it with an OpenHAB compatible unit. I have an rPI with a zstick, but I am open to wifi as well. Extra goodies would be a CO2 detection as well.

I have been talking to Halo and Birdi, I think they are both doubting the interest from the open community. I would suggest anyone who would like to have a open smart smoke detector to email support@birdi.com and info@halo.com. They both have smoke + CO2 + lots of extras.

The Nest Protect will report smoke and CO (not CO2) presence in the range “ok”, “warning” and “emergency” and color levels.

These, are cool but not available :frowning:

Ya, both are only shipping to beta now, but should be out of beta in a month or so.

I was considering the Nest Protect, but I am not terribly happy with my Nest Thermostat, I don’t want to go through an API if I can help it. Is the Protect worth it?

So far, everyone seems to be saying to stay away from the First Alert z-wave, which is unfortunate as those are cheap and available.

Every device is going to have an API, are you saying that you don’t want to go through a cloud API?

Sorrry, I have been out of the OpenHAB game for a little, Yes, not cloud APIs, like the Nest. Trying to retain as much local control as possible.

Right, exactly! That is why am trying to push Halo and Birdi, I think there is a shot with them, I know there is no way Nest is going to be open.

Their stated plan is to expose the local Nest Weave protocol, but access is cloud-only until then.

Now you got me thinking about Nest.

I’m interested in the POPP Z-Wave Smoke Sensor/Siren because you can turn on the siren via Z-Wave independent of the smoke detection function, and it can broadcast to other units to turn on all sirens and other devices via Z-Wave or openHAB.

I have a couple ZCOMBOs that have been working well. They are the combo model from First Alert.

I also have some ZCOMBOs. They are cheap and they do work but are about as basic as it gets. You will not get a distinction between a test alarm or a real alarm nor will you get a distinction between a smoke or a CO alarm. But they do work (tested with some bad cooking).

Sorry to dig up a pretty old topic, but searching brought me hear regarding the Birdi smoke alarm and wondering if anyone has one of these working with OpenHab?

The Birdi alarm seems pretty good and in addition to Smoke and Carbon Monoxide, the device also provides Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, and (Ambient) light sensors.

I think the only thing missing is motion sensor, buts it the closest I have found to an all in one smoke alarm and sensor. And a bonus I think as well is the Birdi smoke alarm can be hard wired with an adapter as well.


They have Wink integration so one could integrate it second hand through a Wink Hub. Their FAQ states

Having an open API is very important to us too and this we can achieve. We want to give everyone more details about the air we’re all breathing and want data scientists to help develop those insights and developers to create cool new solutions.

So I think we will have to wait and see whether it will be something that OH can work with.

I’m a little dismayed at the lack of a unit price anywhere on their website. If you have to ask you probably can’t afford it.

That’s strange. When I looked on their site about a week ago, there was pricing and the ability to order them in 1, 5, and 10 units I think. I remember there not cheap, about $110 USD each or so, similar to a Nest. I wonder is there on back order so maybe pulled their ordering page.

And I found this here on Indiegogo which also talks about having an API. I emailed them about the API so maybe will hear back.

I really like the simple, round design of it as well vs the bulkier square Nest alarms.

Maybe. All I could find was a place to enter an email to get updates. Nowhere was there a “buy one” link that I could find. No biggie.

Well, Sadly it appears best to probably not attempt to purchase one of these Birdi smoke detectors. While they look like good devices, it appears the Company has not been shipping and meeting orders timely with possibly many still not receiving them, as well as the Company pretty much quite and not responding to emails and calls.

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Hello everyone. Just got a ZCOMBO from First Alarm. Everything seems to work fine with OH2, except the device periodically goes offline (not communicating with controller). It looks like it goes back online every hour (wake up interval (?)) and then goes offline again for another hour. Is it normal? @rlkoshak, you mentioned you have one of those, can you please help me to figure out whether my unit is defective or not. Thanks!