What is the difference between system:default and system:follow?

I’m running openHAB 2.4.0~20181004001205-1 (Build #1380) snapshot on an rpi3. When linking and item to a channel using PaperUI there’s an option I’ve not seen before.

Please select profile:
-Default (system:default)
-Follow (system:follow)

Can some explain what these do and point me to any documentation.

Thanks, Glenn

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I have a similar problem.
suddenly, when trying to link an item to a thing, there ist a request for a profile, but I do not even get a choice, so I can not link any new item at all.
Before, I could do this without this question, and all my existing items are still working correctly.

What ist wrong with my system?

I would also be interested in that. I have Z-Wave remote controller and they are supposed to send their battery level on each actuation. My battery items are not refreshed. So today I tried to delete the link and recreate it and couldn’t find the item in the list. I tried to change the profile to system:follow and tada… my items showed up???

I don’t know yet if that will fix my problem with the battery level (couldn’t test it yet) but I’m also very interested to know about those “link profile”.


highly doubt it :slight_smile:

Link Profiles info:


not much documentation exists (until now)

xslt example: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/blob/cf01b8669aabaee764983b1d79fe4abf42ec7f95/extensions/transform/org.eclipse.smarthome.transform.xslt/README.md#usage-as-a-profile

Super thank you very much. Still don’t really get why I need to choose system:follow for battery-level channels to have a specific item show up in the list!!??

you shouldn’t
the items should show up on system:default
follow does something else and you shouldn’t use it (unless you want that advanced functionality: the channel will forward the state from the followed item to the linked item via a Channel command method)


Weird… With system:default I have most items showing up but not all and especially not the one I need. If I switch to system:follow then I see the one I need. It seems I can switch back to system:default afterwards by editing the link. This is what I did for now.