What is the point of openHAB Cloud?

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If one already has openHAB installed on their home system, with an nginx reverse proxy poking an https username/password auth port through the home firewall with a DNS registered hostname and Comodo cert, what’s the point of openHAB Cloud? My openHAB is already securely available on the internet for remote usage or 3rd party integration.

Is it just another option for people who don’t want to (or can’t, due to ISP restrictions) do the above?


It’s primary purpose is to allow remote access to one’s OH without opening up one’s firewall. The vast majority of users are unwilling or unable to do so securely.

But it also provides built in notifications to the phone apps so you can deliver alerts without a third party service. In particular it can provide an alert when OH goes down.

I think it still provides a way to deliver alerts via SMS.

It is required to use the openHAB channel in IFTTT.

It may be required to use the Alexa skill, though I’m not certain of that.

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Alright, some valid reasons. Incidentally, not required for alexa skill, so long as one is willing to set up their own in the aws developer console.

Thx for the response!

myopenhab is the foundations hosted “reference” of the opnhabcloud. Myopenhab is based on openhabcloud.