What is the typical bandwidth usage expected for Openhabian?

I’ve been using YaMon to keep track of my bandwidth usage and noticed my openhabian server using around 400 MB a day (sometimes more). Now, I’m still figuring out if the usage monitor is not differentiating from LAN and WAN usage but was wondering if there is a typical usage amount to expect from openhabian. Note that I also use myopenhab cloud but only have about 10 devices attached to that service.

This will be different for everyone depending on how many devices you have, bindings used and how they communicate with OH.

So with a fairly robust system is my usage within expected ranges? It seemed rather high at first.

That depends whether you depend mainly on local control or cloud based services.

You should explain the reasoning behind your question. openHABian means you run a local server.
The amount it’s locally communicating (to devices it controls) obviously depends on the number and type of devices but ultimately what’s the point of asking that ? Does your landlord charge you for bits on your LAN ???
The amount of communication to WAN (Internet, actually) depends on the services you configure.
It is ZERO by default (if you don’t count what you need one-time for install and maintenance) but of course there’s many devices to use cloud services but again that depends on the type of devices you select to use. openHABian itself consumes almost no bandwidth (just some marginal stuff like NTP maybe).
So what’s your point of asking ?


Well Hue and Ecobee are cloud based (at least they constantly communicate) but that wouldn’t originate from my server IP since they have their own IPs. The rest is MQTT sensors.

Everyone’s openHAB instance is going to be different. They’re is no normal amount.

And I agree with Markus, who cares how much local traffic openHAB uses? If you are looking only at lan to wan traffic, than 400 mb per day sounds excessive, but that all depends on what you have integrated.

Under certain circumstances I could see OH consuming that much if you have a problem in your bindings where oh well try to install them all every minute if it can’t find one. It might redownload them each attempt, though I’m not certain it does that. You can see if they is going on by looking at the logs.

No, sorry - I started the tracking for WAN usage to make sure my sons new PS4 isn’t going to blow up our monthly limits. I just see openhabian come up as one of the higher usages and as I mentioned I still have to figure out if YaMon is tracking only WAN or also including LAN traffic in it’s totals. I was just wondering what kind of usage I could be expecting since it is showing between 400 to 700mb per day. If it’s LAN then obviously it wouldn’t matter, if it’s WAN then I need to sort that out.

The point of asking was to gauge my usage based on a reference point, as you stated it should be nominal and it looks like in my case it is excessive - I will see if YaMon is including LAN, and also check in the logs if something is amiss as Rich suggested.

Thank you for your responses.

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I think that the original poster meant WAN traffic. YAMon monitors WAN traffic not LAN traffic.
I have also YAMon installed on my network and it shows that my openhabian is using about 1.2GB a day (about 800MB down, 300MB up).

What causes this seemingly excessive WAN bandwidth usage in my case is the speedtest (internet connection speed/quality monitoring).
It runs every hour and uses about 40-50MB for download test and about 3-6MB for upload test.
The other item that uses WAN in my case is a weather monitoring that uses online data from local weather station, but the bandwidth usage in this case is negligible.

Everything else is run on the LAN.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. I guess I couldn’t tell if YAMon was adding the LAN traffic or not. Thanks for the reply.

Did you figure out what is using excessive WAN traffic in your case?

In the end it was a combination of a recurring speed test as well which accounted for roughly half of my DL - the rest was communication with myopenhab. Also, there were some addon errors in the logs that indicated they were trying to reach a third party server/update and these errors were occurring quite frequently. My sons PS4 though, that is another topic entirely…