What other ‘satisfactions’ you get from your openHAB system?

Besides having your home fully automated, and spending time continuously tweaking openHAB, what else really are you getting from this?

  1. More time sitting at my computer
  2. Learning new skills
  3. Showing off my system to friends
  4. Time saved not doing manual ‘work’ anymore
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  1. Helping others here
  2. Helping debug OpenHAB
  3. Making new friends

Plausible reasons to spend less time with the wife? :laughing:

  1. I enjoy tinkering with things
  2. Enjoy making things different to everyone else
  3. The “wow” factor from others as you show them the ease of use.
  4. Convenient automation. (when I leave the house it shuts itself down, warns me if the oven etc is still on)

edit: Spell checked :blush:

  1. Less power usage. (motion operated lights that people forget to turn off)

Spell check says you can leave your under on but not your over :wink:

roger :slight_smile:

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  • Less time sitting at my computer. I’d be doing home automation anyway, openHAB lets me do way more in less time

  • learning new skills

  • interesting problems to solve, keeps me mentally active

  • the satisfaction of solving hard problems

  • enhanced convenience and safety

  • I really like the old term “ambient computing”. I don’t want my home automation to have a wow factor. “Wow” get’s old. I’m much more satisfied when, for example, something is broken and a family member asks “why didn’t the light turn on?” When it works you don’t notice it, until it breaks. I don’t want people to notice my home automation, I want them to miss it when it’s gone. I get a satisfaction when someone notices it when it breaks.

As for the project over all:

  • I like helping people.
  • I like to contribute to projects that I benefit from

Keeping a consistent schedule for getting people up for school consistently without having to reset a clock and alarm due to any kind of power loss.

Most recently I got my head around Ansible and use that in conjunction to run a playbook to blacklist the MAC address for the living room Roku for 15 mins before bed times…too many times I’ve crawled out of my basement corner to discover none of the prep work before bed was being done; after 15 mins it is removed and I avoid an angry spouse.

Concepts for automation that I’ve put into my home has transitioned to some things for work (not OH, Ansible and Node Red) and setup things so on monthly downtimes systems that I admin will go down automatically and come back online by themselves. While the process to do the task isn’t difficult its time consuming and a lot of password entering and then integration checks to ensure things are working prior to the downtime.
And as luck would have it, downtimes for 2020 have shifted earlier by 1 hour and is twice a month…my fellow teammates I believe will enjoy this automation as the downtime starts at 5 AM EST on the first and third Sunday of months.

For a modest fee we can come to your house and break random things…just for your satisfaction! :grimacing: :rofl: :pray:

Ok here’s my beside the startup list:

  • Practice my English
  • Feel again after a long time part of a community
  • Get a little satisfaction when my wife find something developed by me useful
  • Having the feeling not being the smartest around and can actually learn something from others (the average at my workplace is very low unfortunately)

Beside all of the above… I´ll add…

OpenHAB is giving me the satisfaction in trying to limit myself. Unfortunalty, it doesnt work, which seems to be another satisfaction… Hmm! Isnt that a recipe for a drug? :slight_smile:
(Saying this while sitting here looking at yet another upcoming project which include an RTL-SDR USB dongle for rtl_433mhz which has been laying on my desk for a coupple of weeks now).

My main satisfactions also include:
Learning from all of you, wether its coding or just ideas.
Helping others, specially newcomers.