What projector screen are you using with openhab?

I would like to buy a projector screen that I can connect to Openhab.
In my office I have a cable that get’s the same kind of power as my rollershutter are getting.
Now that I’m closer to buying one, I only find projector screens that will accept IR control etc.
And the local dealer only wants to work with his own system and says I’m not allowed to use his screens with a system like openhab. (that’s fine, I’ll buy it online, his bad…)

so I wonder, is anyone using a projector screen that gets the control like a rollershutter?


While this may not exactly help you, I just wanted to say that I used to do that, before getting a fixed screen. No problems at all. I used zwave devices to do it.
The screen just need the regualar 3-wire 230V “roller shutter” interface, which should not be a problem to find. I guess the ones that are wired to a up/down button are the best candidates.

Sorry for not giving you a brand/model.

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Don’t you remember what brand you used?
so far, the universe is not helping me as I don’t find them. I keep finding ones with remotes etc…

Indeed it seams that most/all(?) manufacturers has some kind of remote control nowadays (quick search). Many of them seam to have a remote box on the power cord, I suspect you should be able to just take it away, and replace with something else.

Otherwise, you could of course use a IR sender to control your screen (while not as nice).

I don’t remember what brand I used to have, but I suspect it was euroscreen. Actually I found that they have one version that should do it; Euroscreen connect electric.
Not sure if they are available where you are, but maybe they can ship unless you find another brand.

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I contacted Euroscreen directly and they have send me a local contact to buy it.

We will first finish some other and then I’lll buy it, at least know I know what to buy and I don’t have to look at other ways to control it. Thanks