What’s the state of the V3 Alexa integration?

The V2 Alexa integration doesn’t appear to report device status (e.g. on/off) back to Alexa. I’m hoping that the V3 integration can, but it doesn’t appear to be released yet. Does anyone know when this might happen?

Is this true that the current Alexa openHAB skill does not report current device status?

The only thing that it can report back is temperature. However, there is nothing stopping you from reporting anything you want as a temperature. Make an item be a temperature that is 0 if your door is closed and 100 if the door is open. “Alexa, what is the door temperature?”. It’s ugly, but it can work.

Yes, I too would much rather use the V3 version.

What I’m seeing is Alexa can for example turn on a lamp and set it to 20% but then doesn’t know the lamp in on and set to 20%

Exactly. And the hack workaround is to have another item called “lamp temperature” which you can then query. It’s a total hack until V3 is available.

Who is responsible for fixing this issue? Can someone from the community jump on it?

was trying to get the v3 skill working myself
however, having issues with account linking to myopenhab.org

any hints?

Hi celari and welcome to the OpenHAB community!!!
First, I think it would be helpful to know which region of the world your alexa account is. Different regions have had various problems with the account linking. Second suggestion: try again, I think it too me a few tries. Next suggestion, if that does not works, start a new thread because this one is very old and the proper folks will not bother checking it out. Remember to tell us what the platform you are running OpenHAB on is and which version of OpenHAB you are running
good luck!

thanks for the hints! will do that

Are there any news about the Version 3 Skill. Currently i am changing my setup and it would be nice to use the V3 data.