What should I do/Buy to make my own SmartHome?!

Im new to openHAB and have some questions!

I want to make my own smart home but the problem is most of works that I want to do is supported by different brands!
Normally INSTEON can do all of them but it is so limited in EU :frowning: so I should go with multiBrand!
So I have a Plan to buy from this brands/Technologies :

Insteon and/or
HomeMatic and/or
Z-Wave and/or
InterTechno and/or

So what type of hardware should I buy to use all/some of these brands with openHAB! also there is a Gateway that support most of these things (Mediola) can I use that gateway with openHAB ?

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling:

My advice is to start small with a couple of switches and gradually build up your home automation. Pick the cheapest technology that does what you want for a given automation and is supported by OH. You will end up with multiple technologies but that is what OH was created for.

OH does work with a few hubs but it is really intended to be the hub and it mainly supports hubs which work with technologies it can’t handle natively such as Phillips Hue.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling:
so I’ve just bought some InterTechno ITL-1000 and installed it! with its own Remote control its ok!
So I need to know which device/Hub/Controller/Gateway should I buy to work it with OpenHab ?
Also I have a plan to add some FS20 devices in future!
I know i Should buy some CUL device and install CULFW on it! but I don’t know which controller can send to FS20 and Intertechno and some other Wireless devices at the same time :frowning:
Also I need to know which technology working better with CUL FS20 or InterTechno!
Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling: