What solar PV inverter(s) do you have *working* with openHAB, and how?

I have Sofar Solar KTLX8.8 inverter and i am reading all data via modbus binding. Inverter as well as modbus works great.

I’m using an e3dc S10 with the modbus binding.

Two SMA inverters using Modbus.

I’m using a RCT Power Storage DC 6.0 - using a specific command line tool called “rctclient” https://rctclient.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ within Node-Red to feed the data into OH. Complicated, but RCT does not work with Modbus…

Solaredge works very well

Huawei works very good with modbus RTU.

@Rado1 Do you have a link to how to setup the SUN2000 from Huawei? I’m running openhab on a Pi and just got that inverter a few weeks ago.


What other info do you need?

2 Solarmax 6000s (not available any more), connected via Solarlog 300.
The Solarlog works independent from OpenHAB, but there is also a binding for it.

I have SAJ and it works fine via Ethernet

Setup here.

I was wondering if you ever figured out a way to do it over IP? Mine is bound to my router/AP and would be much preferred to connect that way.


You can use a modbus RTU to modbus TCP converter.

That would just be running an Ethernet cable and connecting via serial anyway.

What I’m saying is that the SUN2000 unit already connects to my wifi and can be accessed by multiple apps and they have an API. I guess I’m more asking If someone is working on a binding for this so that it’s all done through the app without extra hardware connections.

There’s the Fronius binding, works over wifi or ethernet. It basically polls Fronius data card which returns the data in json. It can get the smart meter data too. It’s quite simple to use.

Is this via a specific binding or modbus?


Another option is the Enphase products, HTTP binding and JSON transform. Just setting my one up now, there is heaps of very granular data if needed.

I do have Fronius inverter and all works perfect with openHAB

George, what you have done there is just what I am trying to do!

I’m new to openHAB but have managed to configure the Enphase production output. Regarding the inverters I have the http url Thing fetching the json, but I’m struggling to get the correct JSONPATH expression to cope with the multiple inverters.

Are you able to share your solution? Thanks

Hi Simon,

No worries, I will organise my notes over the next day or so and post it.


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