What to do with application key

I installed the Gardena Binding, and registered my account to create an application. Once I had the application key, the OpenHAB tutorial simply says: " Copy the application key to use with this binding as apiKey". Where do I copy the application key? It should be some sort of file, but I can’t seem to find it.

If relevant: I am using a raspberry pi4.

Thank you!

Hi Felix,
I guess you use OH3 ?
After install the Gardena-binding, you would have a “Gardena Smart System Account” Thing.
In that, you need to copy your account details like eMail, pass and API Key.

If Thing not exist, press “blue +” in Things and select “Gardena Smart System Binding” → press “Gardena Smart System Account” and generate the “Gardena Smart System Account”.

ok! Thanks a lot!